Monday, July 18, 2011

The Virginia Creeper Trail

The Virginia Creeper Bike Trail near Damascus VA is a big favorite of ours.  It is one of only a few trails where willing agents will ferry indolent slugs and their bikes to the top of a Mountain and let them COAST eighteen miles through cool green forests, over high wooden trestles, along beautiful trout streams and reward them with tee shirts and ice cream for the feat.  Do we despise this flagrant commercialism of our Natural heritage and are we wont to distance ourselves from this tourist carnival atmosphere?  Of Course.  Do we ride this ride every chance we get? Absolutely!!
So it came to pass that the noble decender was joined2011_0718VIRGINIA_CREEPER0032 by the team manager and soon both were aboard a van/trailer headed back over the route of the morning’s fearsome descent.

Veterans that we were, we had cold weather2011_0718VIRGINIA_CREEPER0036 clothes for the arctic temperatures of Whitetop  Mountain, but it seems that the teens in the frilly tops were about right.

We’ve taken a lot of pictures of the trail over several years and seasons and later I’ll post them here.  Here are a few from today.
And after a breathless eight Miles, comes Taylors Valley and the Chocolate Layer Cake that we risked all this for. 

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