Friday, July 22, 2011

The Two Hundred Mile Rule

Our friends Tom and Carole have refined this RV supported bike touring to a fine Art.  I’m still not sure how the final itinerary is created during long snowy winter days in New Hampshire, but when they take to the road their movements are precise and their objectives clearly mapped out.  One salient principle, among many, is the
200 Mile Rule.   One never, never pulls one’s trailer further than 200 miles, never on weekends or holidays , never in the rain and seldom on grades exceeding the number of fingers you can grasp a ripe grape with.  
We have tried to follow this sensible advice and were congratulating ourselves when Tom added “A WEEK.”
OK, we tried that and found that new friends in the campground or nearby gave us great incentives to linger and just falling into the rhythm of the place revealed new attractions.
But occasionally we have strayed, sinned (if you had Nuns) and although usually only venially (again, the Nuns), sometimes it is a Doozie .  A 500 mile day – into the core of a southern heat sink.  “Bless me father for I have sinned… yesterday we left the 62 degree mountain campsite covered in booming Rhododendrons and  plunged  down 499 miles of sizzling Interstate into 115 degree heat . The Hydrangea are shriveled black threads and even the Lantana has failed to bloom.” 
“Don’t tell me that I’ll burn….”


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