Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Birthday Bash activities

The fourth of July is Wally Byam’s birthday and all good Airstreamers celebrate this day in their own way, some with pomp and ceremony and others with lots of cake and hand cranked Ice cream.
 We joined a great bunch for a tour of McConnells Mill set in a gorge of Slippery Rock creek.  In its last days it was a multiple turbine mill, grinding all kinds of meal and sawing lumber.2011_0704BASH_mill0011
pat and nicklous falls
Patty and Nicholas watching the falls.
nicklous signing the
Nicholas signing register. 
mill and bridge        

al crankin donals waiting
Al cranking, Donald waiting...
Back at camp, home made ice cream was being hand cranked and all the pies were on display. cakes

Bash 2 ice cream and Mill 008
Bill and Nora and Pat recalling something
Bash 2 ice cream and Mill 007
ANOTHER party animal

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