Monday, July 4, 2011

Coopers Lake Campground

Slippery Rock Pennsylvania.  Site of Birthday Bash Two
bash sign
THE SETTING: The entry road is winding and leads through open fields with scattered trailers, but follow the Bash signs over the top of a hill and spread out streams by a lakebelow is a beautiful lake with silver Airstreams nestled under shade trees and in little clusters around the lake. 
The Parking is pretty free form, but Obie the Clown is there to help pick a spot and get us settled. We are a late arrival, but the place they gave us is shaded and has a great view of the lake as well as the parade of little people biking and walking along the shaded path between.  On a little rise are white tents for food serving and eating. It is breezy and cool.
lotti long viewdon and karen
THE FOOD, OH THE FOOD: Breakfast is sumptuous and provided by Frank Yensan and his merry band –- eggs to order, bacon, sausage, sometimes hash but always pancakes with real maple syrup. Lunch, if you have any inclination, is on your own, but 6 PM brings the potluck.  Friday we feasted on everybody’s favorite food and lots of it.  Saturday it was supplemented by wonderful pulled pork and hamburgers/hot dogs for the kids. Vegetarians were happy—there must have been 20 different salad choices-- and then there was dessert, lots and lots of dessert.  Sunday will bring home made ice cream and cakes for Wally’s birthday followed by yet another potluck.  Is the picture getting  clearer?
THE SCHEDULE: is a vague suggestion.  People do what the want, with emphasis on visiting, watching kids play and admiring the trailers.  Stories are swapped, favorite campgrounds are disclosed freely (carry your notepad) and most Airstream issues can be addressed by somebody.  The trip to the Nuclear facility was a real treat and impromptu.  Roy offered at campfire and had a nice turnout.  Some went to Pittsburg  last night to see the lights from Mount Washington while most of us sat around the campfire to listen to Antsy Mcclain sing about “Living in Aluminum” VIDEO OF ANTSY MCCLAIN
ACTIVITIES: are centered on the young—there are 41 kids and grandchildren here and they can run, ride and play freely; the venue is safe and everyone is watching out.  We soon learn the names of all the kids, if not exactly where all of them are camped.  we match up parents and kids at meals.
algelo fisin 2
2011_0703BASH_DAY_three_clown0011awesome tee bro

Saturday we watched everyone Tie dye shirts and most hung them to dry on their trailers; it looked like an art show. Sunday many are being worn around camp.

  There was model Rocket building going on at the same time and  Sunday we spent the morning in the big fields shooting them off to “ohhhs and Ahhhs”.

rocket sciencepre launch assembly

Sunday afternoon Obie the Clown demonstrated his makeup routine , so kids and adults who are afraid of clowns could see the transition from the familiar grandpa we know to full blown OBIE.  The magic show that followed had the little tots fully engaged and the adults roaring.

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  1. Tie Dye! You're right, I think we would fit right in.