Friday, July 8, 2011

Another day, another trail


2011_0708CLARION_LITTLE_TOBY0002The Allegheny Plateau is blessed with steep river valleys and an abundance of railroads converted to bike trails.  Without an internet connection or a desire to research into the night, it’s just pick one and ride.  Today Al wanted to “see the countryside”, so we picked a place with both trout streams and a trail – the Clarion—Little Toby trail.  The map program chose a circuitous route – lots of back,back roads through tiny towns and “camps” a minimum of noteworthy scenery. 

2011_0708CLARION_LITTLE_TOBY0004The trail was OK, a little “industrial” at its start, pretty along the Clarion with patches of wildflowers in the sunny spots and lots of rhododendrons in the shade.



We had a section of Rail with Trail as we paralleled the main line, then a climb along pretty Little Toby creek.

The storms threatened before we reached Brockway, but we saw the huge Brockway Glass complex and blocks of great Victorian homes on the drive back (on real highways).

Campground is crawling with KIDS.  What did you expect, its summer? Troupes of tots, brigades of bicycle cavalry, wandering groups of thugs in cut off tee shirts and lots of harried grandmothers screaming “One..TWO …”   It’s been hard keeping MeMe in her camp chair.

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