Friday, July 15, 2011

Loft Mountain Camp Ground Shenandoah NP

The drive across Pennsylvania on the Turnpike and south on I-81 is way way too familiar by now. 
We had no clear destination, but eventually settled on Loft Mountain in the Shenandoah NP. We pulled off the interstate and ran 340 down the valley for a while to add interest and arrived about 5:30 to an Airstream welcome. Boondocker  (Rodney Roosevelt) was camp hosting and introduced himself. By the sort of coincidence that makes life interesting, he has just yesterday accepted a teaching job at the University in our  town, so we expect to see a bit more of him.  We parked next to another Airstream family and had a great time with their kids and learned a great deal about airstream issues from Carl.

Arcane Airstream stuff which troubled our day, but needn’t bother you, kind reader.
Tire Pressure Monitoring systems (TPM) seem a splendid idea. A little gizmo on each tire stem tells a gizmo on the dash when your tires are loosing pressure or too hot.  Simple?  Not so much.  This was the day Al did NOT unscrew each sensor and get it to “wake up”—this to see if it actually would send the data after a few minutes on the road.  Well it didn’t , so we stopped to “wake” them and found that one tire  was low.  whether that would have been transmitted to us is a moot question.  We pumped up to desired pressure and monitored, wondering if we were getting updated info;  we also checked at regular intervals.  It would appear that we have a slow leak and will have to seek professional assistance and also appears that the TMS is less than useful.  The usual answer to such problems is a “repeater” which boosts the signal …..
OUR CAMPSITE AT LOFT MOUNTAIN right on the edge facing the sunset.
It is cool and pleasant here.  Dinner was great, and the cook has declared tomorrow a “Down Day”.  Seems that what’s needed after several days of grandmothering…

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