Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hiking the Forest Cathedral


It seemed safer for the Grandma who was yelling at her little ones to take MeMe for a walk.  We walked out of the hustle bustle of the Campground into silence, dark tree trunks and a thick carpet of ferns in the sunny spots.


Surprised at how tranquility  settles around you in a place like this?

Shouldn’t be; it happens every time.

These are good places to retreat to after a conversation with your credit card security sleuth.




The trees in here are BIG!  There are the large White Pines , the tallest in the Northeast at 183’ many at 150’.

The Forest Cathedral Natural Area has been designated as a registered National Natural Landmark. up 2


patty lookin up


she is so old

Some have been converted to useful objects –especially useful after a long uphill.




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