Saturday, February 4, 2012

White Squirrels and Manatees!

We knew Ochlockonee State Park on the river of the same name was famous for its white squirrels and they did not disappoint.  Three greeted us at set up and were generally available for anything but  posed photography.

We were not prepared for the Manatees frolicking in head spring at Wakulla Springs.  Evidently, they have been getting into the springs for about three years now and are, of course, BIG favorites. The fencing that once discouraged poachers as been breached and Patty is in ecstasy. She has a real soft spot for marine mammals of a certain magnitude, having once spent most of a day at Sea World leaning over the sill of a porpoise enclosure trying to touch one.  We watched these until the bus load of fourteen year olds began their own frolicking and sent them off to the distant shore.
IMG_1192  IMG_1204
Wakulla Springs Hotel is looking grand IMG_1216as ever though we  miss the massive trees hung with Spanish Moss which have disappeared from the back.   The state has added about a mile of sturdy iron fencing to prevent mayhem …

IMG_1231 We eventually joined up with Bill Metzger and his merry band for 10 miles of  shoulder riding;  we had to turn back before the Rail trail to save strain on Patty’s shoulder. 

We compensated ourselves with sunset photography on the St Marks NWR and delicious pasta dinner.
2012_0204WAKULLA and ST MArKS

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