Friday, February 17, 2012

Southeastern Wildlife Exposition


Our stated purpose for the Charleston leg of our journey was to attend “SEWE”.  Wildlife artist friends from our show days always praised the show, the quality of the art and the food.  Well, we don’t know nothin about art, but we know what we like to eat.

There are few pictures today–- cameras make exhibitors nervous, even if theirs is a unique talent.

There are whole tents of gourmet food takeaways and, of course, celebrity chefs at work on game recipes.

There was an entire room of competing knife makers.  Is that a good idea?  We  especially liked the peachy cheeked young salesman for Irish boots standing in a water trough.

Quite nice boots, wouldn’t you say? was his opener.

We watched the Jack Hannah show with visiting guest animals and clips from his round- the-world adventures.

There was a hotel hall filled with landscapes, framed prints and such, but the main event at Charleston Place was an exposition hall filled with the very best –- sculpture, original paintings in every media and each booth arresting and unique. It would literally take your breath away.   Luckily, we had not the faintest hope that we might afford any of this, so we just enjoyed and tried to stay out of the way of the folks with checkbooks.

Outside, (the camels remember), we found this high climbing young lady enjoying her work.




The FOOD, thank you for asking, was just down home good.  We took a recommendation and tried Jestine’s Kitchen; they said, “It used to be a secret, but now it isn’t.”

The aroma from the barbeque place  nearby brought us back there the following night.  I didn’t get the overpriced hot dog from the Airstream, but I feel a little guilty about that… 

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