Saturday, February 25, 2012

Biking Jekyll Island

Most of the tourist info I have seen of Jekyll island include a couple pics of laughing couples on bikes.  It is easy to see why.  This island has such a rich variety of bike paths and mixed environments that there are surprises around every bend.  
In two half days we rode on
  • curvy pavement winding through pines along the bay
  • firm sandy trails in the woods
  • on a dike through the Marshes of Glynn
  • on seawalls overlooking the beach
  • down streets of ranch homes shaded by oaks
  • along the edges of spectacular golf courses
  • over boardwalks and little bridges in the marsh and past wildlife overlooks
  • and, of course, right next to the perfectly preserved “cottages” of the Millionaires Club. (Nice neighborhood)
  • on Tabby, and asphalt, concrete and sand, pavers and pine straw. Everything wide, safe and well marked.
The weather was coldish, cloudy and windy the first day, but we dressed for it and found easy parking, and a snack bar we liked.  Out of deference to the millionaires, past and present, we did not invade the Jekyll Island Club hotel in our Lycra or attempt the croquet greens without the requisite “whites”.



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