Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Tour of Savannah

Savannah deserves  better photographers that we are,IMG_1520 but we make up for it with manic energy.  The trolley tour was a great introduction Y’all.  And I am telling y’all true y’all, our driver, Cindy, was the BEST, y’all.  She made Paula Dean sound like she may be from Pittsburg. She wheeled that trolley around like it was a Corolla, talking the whole time. When we reluctantly left Cindy, we retraced most of the route and walked every likely street in the square mile historical district. 
IMG_1522  Without Cindy we would not have noticed that  the windows in this Sears Roebuck kit house were installed upside down.
 (They couldn’t read the instructions, Y’all.)

Nor would we have known that the beautiful fountain in Forsyth Park was ordered from a Mail order catalog out of NEW YORK CITY. Yep. page 42, I believe.”

We knew that the Pirate’s House restaurant was housed in a couple of the oldest buildings in Savannah or Georgia for that matter, but without Cindy we might not have known about the Grits and Shrimp.

The beautiful Kehoe House Inn was the family’s second house on the square.  The Irish ornamental  Iron maker did very well in Savannah where the amount and quality of your iron work gave a clue to your wealth.  So he built a second house with eighteen bedrooms for his eighteen kids.
 “Oh yes. And all that white trim? That’s all iron.”  Thanks Cindy.

IMG_1540General  Sherman encamped 10,000 troops in the old cemetery grounds, mostly just teenagers. When they left, many of the gravestones had been scattered, so this was the solution.
There are SO MANY little things to see and appreciate in a town like Savannah.  Everyone will find hundreds to love and admire.  We know we only touched the surface but we loved every moment.

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