Friday, February 17, 2012

Charleston SC.

…hopelessly lost in Charleston.  Al remembers moving up from Skidaway  Island in an overcast morning, setting up in the very organized Oak Plantation Campground and getting our marching orders from the Charleston visitor’s center.
“You are here. Here are pretty homes (big circle on the map), here is every kind of food in the world (another circle) trolley is free…, you are parked here. ENJOY.” 
We strike out and, within minutes, Al –yes Al --is hopelessly disoriented and has no idea which direction is North.  A pocket full of electronic Apps were little help.  He was semi- demented.
“What’s the big deal?, says Patty.
But we saw some interesting things along the way…
camel and airstream.
  Yeah, nice one.

So many paths….

So many doorways….

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