Sunday, February 5, 2012

Biking Today

     We had planned to ride only a part of the 40 mile Metzger Marathon with the group; Patty’s shoulder is responding to light mileage days and we don’t want to overdo. 

We ate the $2 breakfast at Savannah’s and stuck off South along the St Marks trail toward the confluence of the St Marks and Wakulla rivers. The trail has been widened two feet  and smoothly paved, so we enjoyed gliding down the long green tunnel. 

 At St Marks we toured the San Marcos de Apalache Fort and cruised the marina.  Food reviews for St Marks weren’t much, so we headed for Bill’s selected Biker bar –- Outz’s  in Newport.  Actually Outz’s IS Newport if you don’t count the county RV park which sees very little use.

We made contact with the merry band, but they were an hour away.  The smoke from inside the lean-to/ restaurant and the smell from the berm of recently deceased oyster shells ringing the parking area was enough to discourage our palates.  (No pictures of Outz’s or its friendly denizens.)

We decamped down the shoulder of Hwy 98 (The Coastal Highway) until we found the Rail Trail crossing and BINGO BURGERS. 

BINGO BURGERS is run by ONE hard working woman close by the intersection of Hwy 98 and the St Marks Trail.  The menu is extensive and we can attest to the quality of the 1/3 pound Burger.  Our new friends are residents of St Marks and filled us in on a lot of local information. It was a great spot. 
Thus replenished, we extended our ride to 21 miles without damaging Patty further.  Everybody loves the “train wreck” story about her shoulder and we have one suggestion that a Railroad Pension or disability may be on offer.
On the way home we toured the Alligator Point community and got back in time to try the TV  reception.  No Joy on the Super Bowl.  Who’s playing anyway?

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