Monday, August 15, 2011

Preparations Anew

Evidently a week home from the beach is  just enough time to remove all pesky sand particles, rinse off salt spray and erase all memory of how really HOT it is in a Tin Can on the Gulf.  Of course no power on earth could resist a visit from Joanie and Anthony, a family friendly condo on the low rise part of the Gulf Shore for Jeff and his girls and Airstreaming all packaged together with predicted lower humidity.
Joanie and Anthony will fly in from New Jersey Wednesday, Airstream with Meme and Papa at Grayton Beach State Park and move into the  Condo with the Montgomery contingent Friday Thursday through Sunday.  The Grannies will maintain sleeping quarters at the park and a strong presence at the Condo a couple miles away.

Lottie has been rinsed inside and out, had  her pesky TPMS repeater system rewired (see Arcane Airstream stuff),  LED taillights added for better visibility in coastal thunderstorms, as well as the regular refitting, rearming and refueling.

Grandgirls have had a week to plan every minute and another week to get too excited to remember they are starting school.

About ready here for an August  23 departure….

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