Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Gulf in August–It’s Beachin

Hot…Very Hot, and Predicted to be Hotter!
The ride down from Montgomery is pleasant with good roads and little traffic.  We stopped at the Pensacola Visitors Center and stepped out into sizzling heat.  Oh Boy!  This is not going to be like it was in May… 
Another disappointment –the Blue Angels are out on Tour and won’t be practicing this week.  (Patty has a little crush on the Blue Angels; in May we watched three practices and she really, really wanted to attend the autograph party.)
girls signing in
arrival at Ft Pickens
All signed in at the old Coast Guard building, we are off to get set up in site A001, just yards from the boardwalk to the beach.
unloading bikescassie chockinEm awning
all set up
   All set up
Fort Pickens Campground, Gulf Islands National Seashore.  Nicely rebuilt campground.  Note the damaged trees from the Hurricane winds and salt water surge.
We would never have made if if it weren’t for t2011_0803FORT_PICKENS0048he help from both young ladies and especially Emilyn, “The Water Police”, who kept us hydrated in the really really stifling noonday sun.

At Last, it’s time for the beach.
Checklist: Drinks, boogie boards, flip flops, light coat of oil on young and ….
oilin MeMefinally the beach
just cooling my heelsSand castles
yes, right there..

  Yeah, right there.  No, just a little to  the  left…  

sea turtlle signs
Record number of Turtle nests on the seashore this year –70 so far. This one only last week.  Volunteers watch them at night and are on site when they hatch out in 60 days.  We asked to help, but there is a long waiting list.

We’re tired.  Let Papa cook.
we're tired
heatin bar b que

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