Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Joanie and Anthony Arrive


Ok, so we probably didn’t have to get to the airThe336port TWO hours early, but we had strolled the oft photographed Airsteam food vendors at Seaside, declared them both picturesque and overpriced and the weather at noon really really HOT.  


…and unknown perils of the highway might have delayed us… and the beach traffic on a school day Wednesday notoriously congested out there on  US 98… and sit down dining might take forever…So,  we choked down a Sub and drove direct.  Picture two doddering old folks in beach clothes lined up in the arriving passengers aisle nodding awake with every announcement.

Hi Meme.  I MIssed you...

Hi Meme,  I really missed you.


Let’s go to the Beach…


grayton day 1 collage



2011_0823GRAYTON_BEACH_10090Ok that looks serious, lets go to the Airstream.

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