Monday, August 1, 2011


are underway for a a four day beach trip in the Airstream.  Participants include the the Twobikes crew (hereinafter referred to as Meme and Papa) and two  Grand girls  (hereinafter called EM and Cass).  First Airstream adventure for both and only second “camping” trip for each.  I know, I know..

The goal is Fort Pickens campground in the Gulf Islands National Seashore 2011_0513SOUTHERN_SWING0009where Meme and Papa enjoyed a lovely interlude in May.  My notes indicate that this was a record cool spell and that perhaps explains why even Al enjoyed the sand.  Right now it is not cool, but cooler at the beach than in Montgomery.

Grandparent: “We will be camping on a Barrier Island…”
Grand girl: “Will we have WiFi…?  Is there someplace to plug in my I pod?”
“We will be camping 50 yards from the Boardwalk over to the beach… there are trails through the dunes and bike riding and a huge fort to explore…”
“What about showers? “
The trailer is provisioned with teen approved food and drink, bikes and boogie boards loaded, TV fueled… we will see…
Along the way down the Interstate…..
“Note the evidence of clear-cutting as indicated by….”
“WOW! I can text 8 people at a time.”
“Are we there …..?”
“Now you know that  we don’t ask that.  You may refer to the graphical representation of  our position on the computer… which shows the ETA….blah, blah…”
……..we will be crossing a long bridge over to…”
Bridge? how long?  Is that the bridge? Will I be able to smell the beach from there? Are we in Florida now? Can I roll down the window? 

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