Sunday, August 21, 2011

Should trip preparations go off half-baked?

Around here, we have always understood that we are never ready to go until Patty has the brownies baked. No matter how many (or how few) critical details remain before a Trip, Al will be found in front of the computer and Patty will be banging baking pans. Supposedly, Al is marking electronic maps, checking fuel prices, or checking weather but it’s likely he’s cruising other sites. Ironically, he is often researching the NEXT trip; does that make any sense to anybody?

Patty’s “Brownie Habit” started long ago when this was a release from the multiple pressures on a mother, wife, business owner and caregiver. Likely it was the wife part that …. Whatever the cause, it was axiomatic in our house that everybody get very quiet and “on task” whenever it was whispered that “Mom is baking brownies…!” Even today I get Joanie’s full attention when the phone call starts with reference to pastry preparations.

Well today large jars of cookies (two kinds)are baked, beach toys are on board, food boxed and catalogued, secret surprises prepared…fridge is cooling in the ‘stream and two days remain before launch. Al has removed nonessential winter clothes, hiking shoes and fishing gear while creating multiple “load outs” for future expeditions --the house looks like a warehouse. Patty is straying across gender specific lines and checking weather reports on Tropical depression Irene, inquiring about oil changes and Al is printing recipes . Can this mean we have a little too much prep time?

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  1. Can't wait! Thanks for doing all the prep.