Tuesday, July 17, 2012

They Promised Us Eagles

…and they delivered. Just shortly after we snugged the Airstream in alongside the cottage, a shadow zipped along the shore at screened porch level.

“Eagle!”, and it WAS.

“Sometimes they land right in this tree.”  Dan has an iconic photo of an Eagle pair preening on the breakwater with the lighthouse in the background.

In a day or so we would motor the boat up under a huge mature Bald Eagle , and count two nests now empty as the young have joined the fishing fleet.

Rene and Dan paid dividends in Ravens along the beach, Goldfinches at the feeder, endangered Terns nesting on an artificial platform in the bay and a chance to see a Peregrine Falcon nesting on the HUGE abandoned ore loading dock ( and feeding quite distressingly on the endangered terns.) No such carnage was witnessed in the writing of this blog.

In the meantime, we visited and deepened our friendship born on the road in the Everglades.  We traded travel stories and gossiped unashamedly about some of you, tender readers.  We ate and visited the local Farmers Market for replenishment.

 IMG_5460 IMG_5461

There were beers with local pedigrees, and Brats that snap when you crunch their sheep casings, bakery bread, Lake trout and sweet corn, locally called “candy corn.” 

One afternoon we hiked around the gorge of the Bad River and enjoyed views of waterfalls and lots of old CCC construction, still impressive after thousands of hikers have passed by.
One of us was a little puny and quarantined  herself  a day while the rest visited the lovely village of Bayfield with a huge sailing fleet, shops, restaurants and Victorian homes on the hills above.

We left today with promises to do this again.  The weather kept us off “The Elixir”, but Al got to fondle her Teaky goodness and ask way too many questions of  Captain Dan.  There are an excess of available Kayaks and sea caves to explore in quieter weather.

We planned a short day to insure Patty was feeling OK and landed on the shore of Lake Superior at Ontonagon Township Park.  It is peaceful here and we plan to chart our next few days with the kind help of Airforums folks who are already pointing us to the next adventure. Sunset will be late here on the edge of the time zone and we can hope that the Northern Lights which were visible a couple days ago will reappear.

This just in from Captain Dan:

‘I told you that you were leaving too early

About 3 hours after you left, I saw an eagle scoop up a fish in front of the cottage and take it to the breakwater for lunch.  He was shortly joined by his sibling (or spouse?) but didn't want to share.  Here are some pix.”
image  . 

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