Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The REAL Pictured Rocks

After several days of watching the whitecaps offshore some days and just enjoying ourselves seeing other sights, we headed purposefully for Munising (50 miles distant) with a full agenda – Farmer’s Market, BOAT CRUISE, and Free Concert.
But first, Breakfast with Carole, and Carole and Bob at their cottage on the point. The house was everything we might have expected from this thoughtful couple -–simple elegance, efficiency, with windows to let nature influence every angle.  Al is in love with the glowing wooden floors, repurposed industrial flooring with a rich patina. Pat admired Bob’s beach stone lamp bases. And the Food, Ahhh yes, the food!  The conversation was even better, but as we left, nearly four hours later, we were reminded of a UP saying we heard from Bruce.
“Visitors from New England leave without even saying goodbye; Midwesterners say goodbye but they never leave.”
Thanks guys.  We enjoyed your hospitality and your insights.

IMG_5746The Farmers Market was really nice, a mix of quality crafts, fresh veggies, Fresh baked breads, and packaged items like local honey and preserves. They were, however, not open to sell before our cruise departure and sold out to the tabletops by our return. The local girls softball team bakes pizza in  a brick oven right on the park grounds at the foot of the pier –- sold out.  But the lakeside concert drew a big crowd, a local singer returning to release her first CD. We waited and enjoyed until pizza deprivation led us downtown.
Two and half hours of high cliffs, broken by ice and weather, stained by minerals dripping down the face, caves, and open portals, Kayakers along the shoreline.



It was glorious!  Here are more pictures courtesy of Patty.


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