Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bluegrass to Green

We are parked in a nearly empty field near the little airport runway.  When I left after breakfast to chat up some new Airstream friends, the camping area was busy with loading and packing, the stage was cranking up for Sunday schedule and a hundred or so "day trippers" were parked outside the fence.  When we looked up at nearly three, the field was nearly empty.  Just a few Grillbillie vehicles down at the end in their exclusive camping area and many more picking up all the necessary festival trimmings.  It's like the old craft show days --last ones out.

It has been four days of "Rough Camping" in a big open field.  Good neighbors, new friends and sometimes a breeze.  Though it got over 100 degrees one day, it always cooled to the 60's at night and and we slept comfortably with the last plaintive licks from a nearby jam to issue in the night.  (The low sad songs seem to like the moonlight.)

We have had a great time at our first ever music festival.  Really, your first?

So we will pull out early tomorrow and head for I-80.  We have a few errands and about 200 miles to tow, but we have road music to help us on our way.

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