Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our New Perfected Travel Scheme

We're liking our new travel  scheme:
1.  IF you absolutely must tow somewhere, make it around a hundred miles.
2.  Plan a nice interlude along the way.

IMG_5911Today it was the Seney National Wildlife Refuge -- a big one, well worth more than a short visit.  This is where Trumpeter Swans got their boost  up after threatened with extinction.

 "There is nothing in nature more beautiful or more thrilling than watching two Trumpeters tucked into close formation passing sixty feet away like eight foot long arrows."

OK , I  said that, but I don't apologize.  We had just parked the Airstream at  the far end of the lot, sorted out our gear and looked up to watch an Osprey nest across the lake when....WOW!

We took the quiet nature trail and there were lots more Swans nesting and feeding.
"FLY AGAIN!  FLY!"  (Parents have a little more on their minds; no demonstration flights today.)


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