Sunday, July 22, 2012

Perfect Picture Beach

We might never have found Canyon Falls without Jerry’s IMG_5695advice.  The Trail starts in one of Michigan's lovely Roadside Parks and joins the Sturgeon River along an easy boardwalk/path. The rock here fractures horizontally in brick size pieces so the whole gorge appears to be built of grey Legos.



Passing through Munising, we drove the whole length of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  The now fully paved road is nearly fifty miles long but seldom comes close to the main features of the Park. We arrived at the little village of Grand Marias without a glimpse of the spectacular cliffs and waterfalls that define the park. The Woodland Hills Township Campground here triples the population of this 300 person town.
The beach down a staircase from our cliff top camp site crosses a broad sand beach, a narrow swath of amazing multi colored stones into emerald tinted water.  It is as clear and beautiful as any beach we have seen on Superior.  In one direction is the light for the Grand Marias Harbor and in the other a huge 300 foot sand dunes at Grand Sable. We walked the rocky wave line looking for the elusive Agate and finding a quantity of “nice rocks”. I lured Patty into town in search of ice cream where we again caught up with Pam and Martin, our rock collecting friends. 






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  1. That beach is spectacular. Grand Marais looks like a fantastic place.