Thursday, September 29, 2011

More of the Same

When we first retired, anxious friends were concerned we would wither away watching “Dancing..”, so they offered this sage advice.

 “ Make sure you have a project each day, even if it is just buying a new screwdriver.”

So this morning I finally got around to fixing the pesky leak in one of the trailer tires.
  • Pulled the tire
  • Had Goodyear fix TWO leaks
  • Replaced tire
  • Pulled around and exchanged unneeded fluids for fresh water
  • Torqued  the tires and sat back down.


Evidently this does not qualify, so we went for a late afternoon 2011_0829WHITE_ROCKS0014hike toward White Rocks.  I say “toward” knowing there was no way we were going to make that climb (and it has nothing to do with the late start; the last half mile switchbacks up these.

We old folks do have ways to amuse ourselves. 
“Look a picture rock!” which means we must stop here and BREATHE; taking a picture is strictly optional.  UNLESS the rock looks like something, then other rules apply.  If it looks like a PIG for instance, one must interact with it (in ways that do not expend any unnecessary energy gaining altitude.)
Unlike clouds, rocks can be ridden.


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