Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dear Kristen


We have been thinking of you a lot today.  We are in Cades Cove of course, where paths cross no matter how diverse.

 2011_0921BEARS0049We were hiking the Gregory Bald Trail as we did with you and what’s-his-name.  Same deal, a short out and back in late afternoon, a little thunder rumbling around, but not a soul in the vicinity -- a relief from the “bear Jams” on the Cove Road.  The trail seems familiar at the start, but a little way in there is way too much sky.

All of the hemlocks are standing dead, victims of the woolly adelgid thingy, and making huge holes on the canopy.  What used to be an avenue of huge trees, dark,  with only narrow shafts of light penetrating, is now much more open.   Room for the other  big trees to get bigger, I suppose, but still it is never easy to accept changes to familiar places.  ( I DO sound like mom sometimes don’t I?   I’ll be working on that.)


Some giants are already on the ground and it will be a major league game of Jackstraws for the next few years.

This is Patty doing a half summersault in the semi piked position, degree of difficulty 3.5 with a sore left wrist (from hauling in too many fish).

So we had a little hike, some light rain, a bit of regret about the trees and we shared some pleasant memories.  Wish you could have been here again…

Oh yes, that trout is still in the same spot under the little cascade….and he has friends.

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