Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Fishing–thank you for asking…


When we fish along Abrams Creek with its well traveled trail alongside, we get lots of inquiries about the fishing (and about BEARS). To Most we give an honest appraisal and point out what wildlife we have seen, but there are Some tyros who deserve an altered reality. The mind boggles at the answers we might give….
The facts of the matter are:  We fish daily and sometimes twice daily in that first three hundred yards of the Creek before it gets too rugged.  The first day the action was lively and there were several noteworthyBOOTS fish.  The second morning we tried to be first on the river, but  the Otters beat us to it and kept us amused most of the day.  They were feeding on some kind of bottom feeding fish (there were hundreds) and they were quick to announce their successes to us.  We think their trout eating habits are greatly exaggerated by unsuccessful fishermen.
By lunch we are on the porch of the Cades Cove Visitor’s Center enjoying a snack and the music of  Tymes Past.  We enjoyed meetTYMES PASTing Earl and Betty last year and it was nice to get caught up.  Earl has a huge inventory of corny jokes and puns.  Betty keeps trying to get him to play –especially gospel songs – and he keeps trying to play “Buffalo Girl.”  It’s hilarious. 


On the last evening Pat put on another of her seminars catching fish for the ladies on the bridge.
 “Why I didn’t believe there COULD BE any fish in that shallow water!”
We know.  Neither did we….

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