Sunday, September 25, 2011


Loyal readers will recall (and no doubt anxiously await) our promise to report on the search for proper campground  seating. search for the ultimate camp chair  We received absolutely no assistance from the dear doctor Whirl; He apparently took my reference to “broad aluminum beams” personally and withheld vital purchasing information.

Adrift as we were in the bewildering world of portable furniture, we stumbled on so many many unsuitable options—with multiple drink holders,flimgo chair tables left and right, battery operated rope lights, and umbrellas. (Sorry, flamingo fans, only this one.)
Notable is the new Camping World offering –a swiveling folding chair with BUILT-IN SPEAKERS (batteries not included). click here for a video which should have "Gypsy" theme music. Sorry, we prefer our outdoors unplugged.
We have settled into (and that is appropriate)  two ALP SPORT aluminum chairs with  “broad Aluminum beams”, nice blue upholstery,  and nearly inconspicuous drink holder.  (We have loved Alp Sport since they issued mimeographed catalogs and George Lamb answered the phone himself). 
Our Broad beams are power coated, so the true aluminum goodness does not shine through, but we know it’s there and it comforts us.

OK.  We like this one too.  

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