Monday, September 12, 2011


For all of us this weekend has ignited memories of ten years ago. What was confusion and swirling dust then, we now see through a thousand sets of eyes precisely focused on what each saw and felt.  As then, this  weekend of memories was almost too much to bear, but there was more --  personal hardships for our family, a little household carnage, and the  desolating  news that we will soon lose a dear and valued friend.   
Just ten days after the towers fell, we were tired and heartsick and seeking some solace. Then, we headed for quiet  parts of the Smoky Mountains where we have always found our peace. 
Tomorrow we will leave on the same mission. The pictures and narrative (written afterwards) focus on a couple of lovers, some fishing and frolic and good meals in a quiet, beautiful place.  It seems idyllic now, looking back, and it was wonderfully cleansing, but tonight  it is really just the pain we felt as we left that is so very palpable.

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