Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A round of good byes

So after nearly two weeks in Confluence (a new record for us) we made a round of goodbyes.  It's clear we must return to finish the Northern part of the GAP and just as well because we have loved our time here.

The fish gave us a grudging goodbye in the morning.  Al caught one on a fly that should work well when we get back. After Awesome BLTs, we drove the backroads to Meyersdale checking out the Amish farms and the great views.  We kept talking to Ester about the success the little visitor's center was having after getting a grant to hire two clerks, that we kept adding to our stash of tee shirts, DVDs and stuff.
Then on to the Rockwood for more BREAD and a fresh peach pie, and into Confluence to score more BACON.  

We dropped by Pam and Bill's to say bye and (wonder of wonders) Bill stopped mowing and a long conversation ensued which led to a nice dinner at Rivers Edge Cafe and Peach pie from the Opera House.       
We met even more folks from town and enjoyed ourselves immensely.  

Back at camp we said goodbye to Tim (who was worried about us coming in late --  he reminds us of Jeff every day.) 

 We took apart and put away what we could and settled in for the usual restless night before departure. Goodbye GAP --we will pass this way again.

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