Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beyond Ohiopyle…


Because we have been here over a week, we have perhaps become accustomed to how beautiful a place this is.
Today we started at Ohiopyle just as the rafters launched below the falls and caught glimpses of them all the way to their takeout. 
launching below the falls

It was cool and green and Patty was flying  on the downhills.  Her shoulders still tense up and hurt, so we plan stops at 3 miles on the way out and 1 1/2 miles on the way back.   She agrees to this, but then rides hard between stops…. Of course, Al finds something to amuse himself at stops…
refreshing  2011_0628OHIOPYLE_beyond0008
Back at Ohiopyle, we caught the bakery just at closing time.  Julie is just exhausted and everybody is anxious about the first days business –lots of goodies to sell, but the signs aren’t up, the steps aren’t finished and three little boys are running amuck in the streets with new “Indian sets” .  We were greeted by the “chief “ with a plastic bowie knife in his hand.
“The sign says closed, but you can still get anything in the case….just not sandwiches.”
“ Here, just put your bikes there. “  
“Come on in…”
We bought a happy birthday pie for Leslie since we could get it home in the car this time. Poor Julie was asleep on her feet and The Baker was looking forward to carpentry work after hours and starting the baking again at 3AM.  We wish them good luck and blessings.
exhaused Julie
Exhausted Julie--manager/mom
Our Baker/dad/ carpenter

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