Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fishing Abrams Creek

2011_0604smokies0001Abrams Creek wells up at the West end of Cades cove in the GSMNP, having flowed through  caverns under the cove. It joins Mill creek just at the trailhead bridge for the Abrams Falls hiking trail.  It’s a pretty busy place –-hikers going and coming, others just riding down from the cove road for a looksee. Its bed is jumbled strata standing on end with bridges of moss covered rock just inches under the surface with 6 foot deep holes on either side.  Deer love to wade and crop the moss and bears frequently use the “bridges” to cross the creek. The rocks that are not moss covered are slimy as greased cannonballs and loose.  Abrams is also just full of trout.
Staying at the Campground in Cades Cove makes this the water of choice.  Morning or night, the fishing is always bracketed by five miles of pleasant driving thru the cove and real chances at sighting deer, bear and turkeys. 
Some memories from four days fishing Abrams.
  • Patty fishing upstream of me while a deer wades within eight feet of her, munching on moss.  I took some satisfaction to see a four legged creature also slips and stumbles on the rocks!
  • Patty holding a virtual seminar on catching trout in the junction pool just below the footbridge.
“Look dear, that lady is fishing.  Are you catchin any?”   
“Well, I just…..OH! there’s  one….”  She did that 5-6 times two nights in a row.   
  • After one little demo, the family wandered away and quickly returned.
“ You want to see a bear?  He just crossed right behind ya.”  Sure enough, there were wet tracks and a black bottom just topping the hill. 
One might ask what fishing success Al was having these nights.  One might ASK…
2011_0604smokies0005    2011_0604smokies0018  

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