Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bicycling Cades Cove

Cycling in Cades Cove on a sunny morning is pure delight -–especially if it is one of those bicycles-only mornings.  The new pavement (Thank you President Obama) is glorious; you can concentrate on the scenery and there is a very good chance that deer, bear and turkeys will be close and undisturbed. (On an earlier ride,  Al had a Tom Turkey gobble from just off the road as his brake squeaked; Patty stopped for a rustling in the leaves and a full grown black bear crossed just in front of her and casually climbed a small tree 20 feet away.)  Combine the scenery, the wildlife and the historical structures and it is near perfect.  OK, there are a few serious grades to remind us of our age.

.Stop for the scenery...and to catch your breath.2011_0605smokies0017The Henry Whitehead cabin. Henery was famous for his rambles on his Novara Safari2011_0605smokies00132011_0605smokies0010pictures are never as good as Memories...This turkey visited our campsite.
Riding the cove was a perfect morning warm up for a nice lunch and a nap.

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