Monday, June 27, 2011

Covering old ground

Beautiful "Turkeyfoot"

Because the Yukon is in chambers with His Honor the Mayor, we must re-ride the trail from here to Ohiopyle rather than strike out for some of the Northern sections we haven't yet seen.  Not a hardship,  as this is a beautiful section and our friends the Hartsells will be paddling along here and we may spot them. We will end up with over 200 miles on the GAP this trip, but may not "complete".  We will, however, cover some parts four times.

THERE ARE TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY, for born just yesterday in the town of Ohiopyle is a BAKERY which shall be to all carbo loaders a place of infinite delight.  Fresh baked breads and rolls, bagels and donuts, signature chocolate chip cookies (with two kinds of chocolate) AND PIE --beautiful cream pies, which, alas, have no chance or surviving ten  miles in a Pannier...we loaded up and had a great time with Julie who has seen her husband's dream come to fragrant fruition and is so excited (and sleep deprived) that she talked us through every scrumptious product and  kept adding samples to our bags. We wish them every success, with the bakery, their farm and their three small children. WOW!  

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