Monday, June 29, 2015


Here at CAMP REHAB on the shores of the Mississippi, our progress on the Great River Road has slowed. Patty's progess with her knee injury is encouraging; religious icing and heating, combined with the wrap has resulted in no pain and we now believe that this may be a low level strain. To further reduce strain on our impatient patient, frequent outings are planned. If only a short walk to see another beautiful sunset, every diversion is helpful. The family "medical team" has been exceptional and, as you might expect, nearly every geriatric fellow camper has a knee story.


Our change of venue to the lagoon side of the campground offers rich rewards in wildlife viewing -- Deer picking their way through the lilly pads on the far side, raucus Sandhill Cranes, Cormorants, the resident Canada Geese, Beaver, Muskrat, ducks aplenty.


We traveled South to Fulton IL and visited the replica windmill, built in the Netherlands and reassembled here to grind grain along the levee.



Our volunteer miller and guide was in training so he introduced himself as Miller Lite. He did a great job and, later in the week, dropped by to visit the campground on his daily ride up the Great River Bike trail.

Fulton isn't a big place, but when traffic was slowed on Main Street by the crowd heading for Krumpets restaurant, you know you have found a remarkable place. We toured a little more and returned later for an excellent meal -- Fresh entrees and salads made in small batches all day. It goes without saying that they are a first class bakery and we left burdened with pastry.

Riverwalk and bike trails on both sides of the river.


Bluebird, or rather Baltimore Oriole, weather on Saturday encouraged us to sample very short bike rides monitored closely and approved by the "medical Team". Al himself was unalterably opposed and hopes witnesses will attest to such when this report reaches our daughter. The results were encouraging enough that the patient has ammended her regimen to Heat, Ice, Ride, Repeat.

Rain showers theatened on Sunday, so we watched the mass exodus from the campground and visited Mississippi Palisades State Park. After a week at the water line, it was a treat to see the braided channels of the river from the high lookouts. These bluffs and highlands were spared by the glaciers that steamrolled the rest of the state; the cliffs and eroded ravines are lush with hardwoods and ferns.


Much of the land and water visible from here (and for miles along the river) belongs to the Upper Mississippi National Wildlife and Fish Refuge.

The Ingersoll Wetlands Learning Center at Sloan Marsh has wonderful facilities for viewing wildlife ,hiking or bike riding. We enjoyed our talk with the River Steward and ached to get out on the marsh, now or later when the wintering Eagles return.

The holiday weekend is coming soon and we have arranged to change sites yet again and stay off the road for the Fourth. There are lots of sights and adventures within an easy commute.

Heat, Ice, Recreate, Repeat...



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