Wednesday, July 1, 2015


It's breezy and 70° out here on the point at Camp Rehab. Any and all bloodthirsty flying critters have been grounded. The usual crowd is here -- solidary White Egrets sprinkled across the lily pads like exclamation points, a few Great Blue Herons grunting dissatisfaction with the fishing and repositioning periodically. The Red Headed Woodpecker misses the glut of Shad Flies and is working harder today. Then all eyes skyward...


The Sandhill Cranes have been present all week, a group of three with a little one and a couple. Today they all arrived together with trilling, squawking fanfare and commenced to dive, climb, circle and generally show off. They were high, then diving for the treetops, turning tight circles leaving lag behinds to catch up, all the while taunting each other or maybe just celebrating the pure joy of it. The spectators tuned up as well, encouragement or envy, I'm not sure which.

It wasn't much later that the FISHING RODEO began. Well over 150 White Pelicans appeared on the slough swimming in tight formation through the pads. This was Jurassic Park for minnows...

The melee and food fight lasted over an hour. Then the participants lumbered off in a loose string to find a siesta site.

Some spectators were less impressed than I was...




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