Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Plague Upon Our Silver Home

As if the recent swarm of tornadoes all around us and Patty's trip to the ER were not enough, plague and pestilence have been visited upon us. We have experienced the Asian Ladybug Infestation (picture both of us scurrying around with reversed Duct tape on our hands, hundreds of hapless little aliens wiggling their multiple appendages helplessly.) We have reported on these pages of the horrid Stinkbug invasion and even (shudder) MICE, but lately we have been first excited then enveloped by a cloud of Ephemeroptera.

Ephemeroptera..Shad Flies...Lake Flies

We saw the first of these 3 inch Mayflies on the ferry ride at Brussels. We looked overboard expecting to see catfish or such languidly sipping them from the surface...They love big water and here, on the three mile wide Mississippi, they are taking advantage of the lull in the tornadoes to get in a little frenzied mating -- using the Airstream for a crash pad.

Locals are amused at my fascination with this very light concentration; Sometimes street sweepers and road graders are employed to clean up the party.

My friend, the resident Redheaded Woodpecker is delighted. He lands in a spindly little Oak sapling at rivers edge and hops through the leafy branches gorging himself.

There are rich rewards as well. Our new neighbor Lois appeared with "extra" rich red home-grown Strawberries ! Best we have had in years.





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