Monday, June 22, 2015

Airstream Life on the Mississippi

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

Returning to the River after our Moraine View Rally, we passed the afternoon with Mr Lincoln at the beautiful Museum in Springfield. RV parking is convenient, food is available nearby and the exhibits are first rate.


As we left at mid-afternoon, we were watching the weather and the time, so we stopped at an absolutely empty Argyle Lake State Park. Sites are level and grassy under well spaced mature trees. We enjoyed a talk with our camp host and left next morning; a peaceful place on a weekday.

We traced North on highway 96 at rivers edge. Several turnouts make this an ideal spot for breakfast with a view.


Arriving early at Nauvoo State Park, we took good advice from Ranger Dale. We nestled into site 14, with trees close on either side and a electric pedestal that required an extension and some TLC. Heavy rains and heavy traffic in this small campground had the roads torn up, but we like our spot. Won't be drying out that wet awning for a while...

The park is just across the road from the Historical Restoration area, less than a mile to the center of "town" where you might find a meal at either Grandpa"s (breakfast and lunch) or the Historic Nauvoo Hotel for evening meal.

Thomson Causeway COE Campground

Further North at Thomson Causeway, we just couldn't get much closer to the river. This is typical COE construction -- excellent, even on a Saturday at full capacity. Our site #69 is primo, but the back part of the island with its lily pads and abundant wildlife is quite rewarding as well.


Ominous weather.

Sunset after the storm at Thomson Causeway

In daylight, hundreds of white Pelicans are visible sporting on the far shore and occasionally bringing a formation close to here. The riverboat Twilight, three levels of aqua and white Victorian elegance, proceeded upstream to Dubuque.

This is really one of the most beautiful sites we've ever had, says Patty. The sunsets are spectacular and the wide river swings nearly 120 degrees around us. We even have a resident Baltimore Oriole, our first in years.

We pause here to recount our latest medical adventure, and to, once again, give thanks for the kindness of strangers. A week ago, Patty torqued her knee. We hoped it was minor, but it HURT. We iced and elevated and rested and confused ourselves with Internet searches. Our park host and new friend Dale had been a lifelong athlete (a pitcher) and knew a bit about stretched ligaments.

Stabilize it, he said emphatically. We added Ace bandage and light walking became possible -- with the enticements of Nauvoo, pleasurable.

Enter complacency. It seemed a good idea to forgo wrapping during our travel day. But, in an excess of enthusiasm over our extra-special new site, the unstable joint was grossly insulted. Now it really hurt... on least 50 miles from a major medical center.

Enter more with good advice, young mom with her share of sports injuries and a recommendation, a gentleman who was camping with a nurse...a campsite visit from said nurse, soothing words, detailed referral to the ER...a second for the Orthopedic group she just happens to belong to...specializing in Knees!!

We have just returned from the ER. Patty has a knee immobilizer, a knee brace, a heat pad and an Attitude...

The patient speaks, impatiently

Fine mess I got myself into!!!
Last Tues when I was putting the stabilizers down on the camper I seemed to have torked (medical term)😃 my knee.
I did this while in the squatting position ... and the stabilizer was stuck. Sooo in an attempt to STABILIZE PATTY using my right knee so I could get more tork (like that non word) I JERKED it loose ..... Hmmmm another interesting term . When I stood up I immediately knew I had hurt my knee. Ahhhh not to worry...park ranger (x baseball player) said ICE, ELEVATE, WRAP and REST.
I did this for 4 days, hardly any swelling and not much pain. 😄
We moved on Sat. and I did not wrap since it was feeling OK and I was in the car.
Bad idea. I was in mega pain Sat night and could not put any pressure on my leg 😰
Sunday, back to my routine and less pain when wrapped.
Ortho nurse in campground told me to go to ER this morning and here I am.
Nothing broken but they immobilized my knee and all should be fine in FOUR TO SIX WEEKS!!!!
I ask you....should I say I got this water skiing or playing volleyball or sliding into home plate??? Much better story.
I bet this will make the Christmas 🎄 letter!
Love ya,
Hop Along Patty

Our little Riverside paradise has also acquired an attitude; it's blowing 25 mph gusting to 30 with a little spritz of rain. When we returned from our little medical adventure, the river turtle was just finishing her nest in the grass. She exited under the trailer, over the riprap and safely back to the water. Let's hope the little ones fare as well. The trailer is well battened down, but still rockin.

Stay tuned for further reports from Camp Rehab....along the Great River Road.


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