Friday, October 25, 2013

Almost Home

So there we were, sipping on a après bike ride hot chocolate –- Yes, it was cold out there!  -- when the news started hinting at an end to the “Shutstorm”.  We slipped out for a Pizza. Then about ten, when our elected children had voted and the President had spoken, Patty sprung into action.  Al was sent into the dark to work the  pre-departure checklist…inside, stuff was stowed and tidied, cabinets locked, floor swept.

Next morning at 8AM, we were rolling toward Davidson River National Forest Campground and Patty was ringing every number in her files.  By 10AM  She caught the staff just opening the office.  A couple more hours and we were setting up in Laurel Loop IN AN ELECTRICAL SITE!   AHH. Electric blanket time!

IMG_0891And so it was that we spent five glorious Fall days at Davidson River with time for fishing and long walks and visiting with new friends and old.  We took in the Friday Night Lake Toxaway Jam  enjoying more mountain music from the locals and even watched a couple Saturday football games (just because we could).

The nights were in the forties, but much was being made of the Polar Air dipping South in the future. 

On October 23 we hitched up and approached another Road where Airstreams Fear to Tread made notorious by the Someday ‘59 crew. Hereabouts the drop from the top of the Blue Ridge Escarpment to the Piedmont along the Cherokee Foothills is 2000 feet in two miles; we did that a couple of times.  It WAS, as we were warned, the most twisty,narrow, up and down road we have traveled all year, but the morning was sunny and the navigator reports that the colors and occasional glimpses of horizon were glorious; the driver was otherwise occupied.

On the Cherokee Foothills Parkway we stopped briefly at the Keowee-Toxaway State Park and got a strong recommendation from Ralph, who has visited from Louisiana for decades.  Next time. 

Full of driving confidence, we braved the Atlanta Traffic.  Why??  I don’t know.  Short Memory, I guess. 

We checked on the availability of a fourth Trailer tire to fill out our set, but delivery was expected tomorrow.  We would have to spend our
 SIX HUNDREDTH AIRSTREAM NIGHT in yet another brilliantly designed COE campsite on beautiful West Point Lake on the Georgia/Alabama border. SOMEBODY has to fill these spaces and watch these sunsets and count these geese and visit  the grandparents already gathering to celebrate a Halloween weekend. 

IMG_0897 IMG_0898

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