Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Down the Mountain

The morning at Grayson Highlands was sunny, but it was time to move. In our hearts we wanted to be closer to the Smokies when the government FINALLY  reopens.  The Jeb Stuart Highway (58) is gorgeous, especially in Fall colors. We coasted down at 35 MPH with no traffic. 

In Damascus, Virginia (America’s Trail Town) we sighted an open space at Creek Side RV park, six spaces right in the center of town.  We loaded on some gas, some much needed groceries and returned to set up in space #3.  We hurried so we could catch the 2 o’clock shuttle to the top of the Virginia Creeper Trail (18 miles of downhill through the Mount Rodgers Recreation Area, over dozens of wooden trestles spanning a blue ribbon trout stream.)

Yes, we are wearing most of our layers; it’s cool up here on Whitetop and it’s getting cooler.


Soon Patty is stuffing maps into her jersey just as old time Tour d’ France riders once did as they began a downhill.  (This will also reassure our daughter that Patty is not wasting away…)

It wasn’t much longer that the Gore-Tex came out and we were comfortable for the rest of the ride.  Where are those leg warmers anyway…?



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