Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gracious Galax Virginia

We’ve always liked Galax; we’ve returned often to ride the New River Bike Trail.  This time we were once again impressed with the friendliness of the town.  When our chosen campground was filled, the owner recommended another where the owner gave us an “Airstream Discount” and recommended Scoots, IMG_0665the restaurant where the desserts are home baked by local ladies they mention by name on the menu. Those wonderful deserts are $2.50! and “coffee is free with dessert”. 



We watched the world traveling Whitetop Mountain Band play the old Rex theater for $5.00, enjoying the company of new friends who recommended more delights. The local theater group offered “Nunsense II” for $8 the next night and the ticket taker sent us back to Scoots to try the Italian Wedding Cake.


It was great to get back on the bikes…the trail was smooth and occasionally leaf covered.  “Watch Out! Walnuts!!  Chestnut Creek was flowing well. We wove through runners completing a 50K and, maybe for that reason and perhaps from pure exuberance, we tried to ride too far. Our planned ride was too far and even shortening it left Patty with a sore shoulder that “really takes the fun out of biking.”

We REALLY have to go find some fall color….

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