Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sub Normal Temperatures and Sub Optimal Dental Equipment.

 For far too long we have been frozen in place at Montgomery dealing with sub normal temperatures and sub optimal dental equipment.

..folks we saw around town questioned why we were STILL here...(we thought they got over that "Yankee" thing forty years ago.)  Fellow campers reported forays South only to be turned back by frigid conditions and maxed out camping in the State Parks.  We hatched a new plan.  We would settle in and watch the Winter Olympics, down multiple bowls of Blue Bell Ice Cream and cuddle on the couch. We would clean out the storage building, make friends with the folks at Goodwill, rearrange the closets.  We might even get the taxes filed early.  (One can always count on Snowbirds streaming North starting Mid March to face off with the IRS.)  In our new plan we will tow South, avoiding spots frequented by Spring Breakers and have the state to ourselves. We will turn north only when the Neotropical migrants have passed.

“No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.” 
― Lewis CarrollAlice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

So as the hitch-up-and-go moment draws nearer ... lab tests, new glasses, haircuts, an intense line of thunderstorms... an interesting paradox confronts us.  We really want to disappear below the I-4 corridor in Florida where warm temps predominate, but that would mean passing by  favorite places in the Panhandle where we have found bliss, White Squirrels and Manatees, Tupelo Honey and beautiful St Joseph Peninsula State Park.




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