Monday, May 27, 2013



“I sat and thought, as I liked to do, about Susan and me and our time together.  It always seemed to me that being with her was enough, and that everything else, good or bad was just background noise” **

OK, so there has been a little bad patch, but Patty is just fine.  The details are less important than that.  Slightly concerned on the road, we wandered home for our little medical adventure; we weren’t given enough time to get worried before everything was fixed up, checked out and she was cleared to “get on with your life.”  We’ve had more anxiety about how to mesh future checkups and labs with our travel schedule. 

Nine years ago, when Breast Cancer intervened in our lives, we got a huge laugh from Erma Bombeck’s book title.  Breast Cancer?  Let Me Check My Schedule because that was the first reaction for both of us.  This time, after the few days of medical high anxiety, we were back to that. 

Fortunately, weather in Montgomery is pleasant, the nasty smelling hedge blossoms are fading and the French Open is on TV.  Patty is working on a sizable editing project in front of the TV with heart healthy snacks and meals on offer. 

The Cahaba Lilies are blooming in the creeks and there will be enough water to float by if we choose.  The trout in North Carolina are looking up at Little Yellow Sally Stoneflies and are being quite accommodating. There is rumor of a nice campground along the Chief Ladgia Bike trail and a few more of those Corps of Engineer sites that we need to explore… Yes, there are lots of places to entice and we will strike out soon enough, but being with her is enough. 

** The quote is from a Robert Parker novel in the Spenser series.  These are characterized by guttural six word dialog,  some fist fights,  and lots of twists and turns.  Patty reads a lot of these; I’m not sure why.  I read them just for the parts about Spenser and his psychologist girlfriend Susan. 

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