Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Biking Again

airstream postcard
You may have seen the iconic Airstream Postcards…the  shiny Airstream sited along a flowing stream (alone), the fly fisherMAN in thigh deep with the sporty fishing cap waving to the adoring family… or the one with the Manly fisherman clad in plaid and a sporty fedora displaying his catch to HERSELF on the chaise lounge in a spring skirt and upswept hairdo…

IMG_8572Nothing like the scene this week at Chief Ladiga Campground near Piedmont 
Alabama except


…we were camped broadside to the beautiful Terrapin Creek whose soft murmur soothed us


…we were ALONE, the only camper on 70+ acres bounded by the creek on one side and the Chief Ladiga Bike Trail on the other

…there were fish, lots of them and we met many of them.

Copy (1) of IMG_8594IMG_8583

The third highest “mountain” in The State is visible from our campsite, but not a single light (if you turn off the porch light at the superb modern bathhouse, which we did).

Now it could have been hot there, except for the nicely spaced shade trees and it could have been  a little buggy except for the near constant breeze.   
There are no “hookups” there but the nights were in the low seventies and we even turned off the Fantastic Fans…
Most of that Postcard came to life with one exception… it was Patty who was doing all the fishing and there was no Spring skirt or chaise in sight.

lady fishing airstream

It was a lot more like this…

IMG_8547 …AND there was biking for the TWOBIKES crew  --short ones, to build up after the recent cardiac unpleasantness, but lovely short rides on the paved bike path. 
This was the last section completed on the nearly 100 mile Silver Comet/Chief Ladiga trail  stretching from the Atlanta Suburbs to near Anniston, Al.  This was the most rugged piece with some road cuts and several crossings of lovely Terrapin creek.  A few quiet road crossings, and some bottom land fields add interest. There is plenty of shade on this section.


We rode in the mornings and again (after fishing) in the evenings sighting hawks and crows, rabbits and a friendly snake or two.  We couldn’t immediately identify the little guy who was crossing the trail into the corn field; so we labeled him Southern (bound) Corn Snake…kinda like the LGB (Little Grey Bird) we see so often.
We intend to return to this place often; we had to leave way too soon.  It may never be this perfect again, but it just might…I’ll look around for a chaise lounge.

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  1. So reassuring to see a smiling Pat back in the saddle again. What a great place for recovery!