Monday, May 20, 2013

Five Hundred Nights

After our little medical adventure, we busied ourselves with short walks in the neighborhood and a little desultory gardening.  The Airstream sat regally at curbside polished to a nearly bug proof sheen.  Neighbors wanted to know:
“When are you leaving again?”
“Where are you guys going next?”
When we sketched in the medical realities, they asked:
“When are you leaving again?”
“Where are you guys going next?”

Patty was “feeling fine”, never admitting to ever feeling poorly.  We were only waiting for doctor visits….
“Road trip???   …OK, a short one.”
This was to be a special celebration.  Yeah, you would think we would celebrate dodging “the BIG one, Elizabeth” but on this short trip we would spend our 500th night in the Airstream (in a little over three years). This might be EPIC… or not.

The Prairie Creek COE site is just outside Selma in the heart of the Black Belt less than an hour away.  It sits along the “Alabama Lakes”  -- navigation and power structures on the Alabama River.  Our space in the “Eagles Nest” was at water’s edge.  We situated our chairs to watch the passing fishing boats, a few friendly ‘gators and a sky full of Mississippi Kites swooping and darting around like swallows. 

We glassed the shores, read a great deal, took short walks, nibbled fruits and grains, loaded blood pressure readings into our new iPad app, watched a little Downton Abbey, chatted up some folks, and generally behaved as good little cardiac patients.  Went to bed early on our Five Hundredth Night and looked forward to many more –- together.

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