Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Water, Water…

We are most appreciative of the Corps of Engineers (despite what Al’s sainted Dad might think.)  We have enjoyed lakeside elegance at Bay Springs Lake, idled beside the St Francois river in the Wappapello Lake district and now, at Carlyle Lake in Illinois, they have outdone themselves.   In our honor they have DOUBLED the size of the lake, sparing no effort to bring the water right up to edge of our campsite!  Mallards quacking gaily wake us as they paddle around the submerged fire rings in adjacent campsites. Pat has erected a sign: “Lake Carlyle -- largest lake in Illinois and getting larger every hour.”

She reminds me that we have become accustomed to old coots peddling around campgrounds, but here we have Coots PADDLING in the campsite.
The Kaskaskia River “knows no bounds” as it spreads across the tabletop flat countryside.  It is not a raging flood;  it is actually pretty here.  The fields are green and Dogwood and other flowering trees are in bloom.  Most hardwoods are leafing out;  The weather is warm and sunny, FOR NOW. 

From the Dam

We have enjoyed the network of bike paths and our ride around the pleasant town of Carlyle.  We did not enjoy our trip to the Centralia Cyclery for repairs.

Campsite/ boat launch/fishing hole


flood refugees

Pleasant weather comes to an end tomorrow as a big rain event arrives and further enlarges the lake. The lake feeds the Mississippi via the Kaskaskia river. The Mississippi is at flood stage and every prediction is for huge floods on the Missouri, the Illinois and the Midwest top to bottom.

"We proceeded on..."

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