Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ocean Springs

IMG_7972Davis Bayou Campground is in the western (Mississippi) District of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Most of this segment is offshore in a string of barrier islands accessible only by boat (in warmer months). Emphasis here is on the bayou and estuarine environments. There is a wonderful Visitors Center with those plastic critters the park service is getting famous for and another rich complement of friendly, informative volunteers.
Between sprinkles we walked short interpretive trails IMG_7937and visited the gator holes. We watched a juvenile Osprey so proud of his 10” fish that he flew from tree to tree for over an hour without eating it. The Adult just gave up and flew away.

The town of Ocean Springs has a lot to offer, especiallyIMG_7942 huge spreading Live Oak trees. The city fathers have their priorities; if the limb is only seven feet off the street, then trucks will just have to find another way.


Earlier the Azaleas were bloomin, but it was still cold.
 Today I stop whining about the weather. “The weather is what it is. That’s it!!”  I have spoken.
It helps that the last couple days have been GLORIOUS -- Sunny, warm, a little breezy.
Each morning, like mostIMG_7966 campers here, we visit and pay homage to the resident gator.
Then it’s off for a ride.

Lately we have had great rides around the park, into lovely Ocean Springs and along the Beach drive where some of the great homes are coming back.  Today we climbed the Biloxi bridge (just for the glory) …


…and rewarded ourselves with dinner at Salvetti’s (best chicken Parm EVER -- seriously Ever).

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