Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Catchin’ UP


Lizardfest is a all age girl’s Volleyball tournament in Pensacola. Our favorite thirteen year old made us proud and the whole team played like champs.  We were camped at nearby Big Lagoon State Park and hosted another lovely grand girl for a couple nights.  The temperatures crept over 75 for a few days and we made the best of it . 



IMG_8050Nearby Gulf Shores State Park has a network of bike trails interlacing the “Backcountry” through wetlands and Live Oak forests.  The low areas are recovering nicely from a big fire 2-3 years ago   The fire line held on the North so the big trees  were saved. We rode two days and got our mileage up without harm to Patty’s shoulder.  The trail surface is newly paved and there are lots of trailside rest benches and PORCH SWINGS!



At one rest stop, we were introduced to Geo Caching by a biking couple poking all around the pavilion.  We had a great time pondering the clues,  crawling around  and giggling.







Patty is all over this and will be studying her new Apps.


There were a few low techIMG_8047 surprises as well.  A snarky Cottonmouth Moccasin who was holding up traffic at an intersection.  He was returned to a less hostile environment, not that he was particularly appreciative.




Further along the trail, a protective Alligator Mama was sunning with multiple babies  on her back


But mostly it was smooth sailing through pretty country among families and boomers enjoying the day.










The Blue Angels are back in Pensacola after 125 training flights in the California deserts.  An huge crowd turned out but not for a full show “just turns and arrivals” as the new team got its bearings and timing down in the home town.  It was chilly and a big wind pushed across the airfield.  We huddled together, Minnesotans standing stoically in shirt sleeves while  most of us returned to the parking lot for all the layers we could  find.








“Look, we have a new Pope”


The volunteers at the Naval Air Museum are a national treasure –- Navy men who tell the stories of the  aircraft and  devote thousands of hours to restoring them.  Out on the flight line, volunteers narrate the show and fill in history of the “Blues”.  Each one has a rich repertoire of gags to keep us entertained in the quiet moments.  Today, one moved close to the gallery  and asked,

“Does anyone have any questions?”

He didn’t wait for hands and immediately pointed to Patty.

“No madam, each of the pilots are married.  If you want a hot pilot, you have to get ‘em when they are in flight training.”

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  1. Wonderful blog, feel as though I am there. Who knew geocaching could involve chocolate? That's worth looking into.