Saturday, March 9, 2013

Imaginative Friends

Today is a quiet day at home catching up with  cyber friends while Patty industriously bakes cookies.
Glenn is a top tier musician who chooses the Nomad life; the last few weeks have found him converting an old Falcon into his mobile residence of the future (and celebrating the Grammy for a project he contributed to.)
I first followed cyber friends Tara and Tyler while they rode their bikes around the world and today I caught  up with their progress creating a Vermont homestead.  All three write well, take beautiful photographs and, more importantly, live thoughtfully and well.

So, in a quiet afternoon waiting for our eldest grandchild to appear, I have learned quite a bit about painting a vehicle with bed liner and picked up a few tips on building a straw bale house.  Doubtful I will ever use either skill but there have been thoughts to consider…
When Glenn was asked what experience he had to  tackle a complete rebuild of the Falcon –- inside, outside and engine conversion –- he admitted that as a young clarinetist, he was in college before he could even trim his reeds, but  

Fortunately, while Mom and Dad never taught me how to swap out an engine, they did see to it that I could read, write, speak clearly, think for myself, and perhaps most importantly, believe that I could accomplish anything I want in life through hard work and determination. Take note, all you parents – do this much and nothing more, forget whatever new age hooey the "experts" are pushing these days, and you too will be Hall of Fame parenting material.” 

Tara has been visiting the Common Sense Farm and …

“The human kids we met at Common Sense Farm were just as cute as the caprine ones. They were all friendly and inquisitive, rugged and healthy and happy. They were the type of children, who, if dropped off in the middle of nowhere without their parents, would probably create a Swiss Family Robinson style shelter, and hunt for food using bows and arrows crafted of sticks and stones.”

My options today (after reloading the Airstream for another departure) were:
  • Wash it
  • Watch some mindless “reality” TV or sports
  • finish the taxes
  • Scour the AIRFORUMS for insights profound and trivial.  OK, I did some of that
  • or spend a little time “visiting”

In a little while I’ll be caught up with my friends and Patty will have some warm cookies.  As usual, we will share.
“These are great! They remind me of Christmas.”
“Thanks. I AM the Powder Sugar Fairy…. How are Tyler and Tara?

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