Monday, March 11, 2013

A Different Kind of Drizzly

In nearly three years of Airstream voyages our magnetic poles have been grandchildren  at opposite ends of the country.  The steering currents we have followed have been clear mountain streams, white sand beaches and BIG TIME LADIES TENNIS.  Patty’s  playing days are behind her, but she follows her girls with a fan’s fervor and a mother’s pride. If one were to block out the weeks of Grand Slam tennis, there would be little time left  for ‘Streaming and Patty understands this, but it never hurts to find a cable connection when the finals week promises appearances by her special favorites.

So it was last July that we found ourselves at the lovely Penn Wood Airstream Park shortly before Wimbledon’s second week. There was the usual joyful meeting and greeting but first things first.  I set about tweaking cables, tightening cables, replacing cables holding my mouth just right,  but the report from inside the trailer was.


Now that  phrase  might have passed into obscurity as another Pat-ism if it hadn't absolutely tickled our neighbor, the lovely Ellie. After repeating “different kind of FUZZY” several times and falling into extended gales of laughter, she proceed to set things right. Now it is always useful to have a Nurse Midwife, Cornell researcher, wife, mom and post-doctoral Airstream restorer at hand when things mechanical need attention… so I followed instructions and hooked the cable to a different post. Marital BLISS returned. 

I mention this today because we seem to have returned to the Florida Panhandle just as the Sun disappeared .  The windows may be open here at Davis Bayou near Ocean Springs MS, but the same windy, dreary, wet weather has returned.  This morning it was declared


This morning's Radar. That little blue dot on the beach is us.

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