Tuesday, February 2, 2016

We Have Been Here Before --

Fort Pickens Campground on the Gulf Islands National Seashore --but never with these guys, and that made ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Actually, both Keith and Susanne have advanced degrees in Marine Sciences but they don't correct us when we go searching for "Dolphins", only when we are about to make a grevious mistake like not ordering the coconut shrimp. We were both on abbreviated trips to the Florida Panhandle but managed to connect for several days of non-stop merriment.

Our campsite was snuggled under the live oaks recovering nicely from a series of coastal storms...

...while their more open site featured a great view of the sunsets and an evening concert from the frog chorus.

The morning mist clouded the woody plants just beyond our bedroom windows.

There was, of course, beach walking...

And sunsets...


On a sunny Saturday, we walked the squares of downtown Pensacola, picking our favorites from the handsomely restored buildings, modest and grand.

Patty chose a pristine Cypress cottage, perfect in every way.

We happened on an elegant wedding near Seville Square and a monster pipe laying ship which Keith explained next day as we returned for yet another go at the coconut shrimp wharfside.


Of course we biked around the island, visited the fort, speculated on the gun emplacemnts and took the time-honored image of the long gallery of arches...


Patty even picked out a boat, but Al has to figure out the hitch....



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  1. Ahhh! Sunset & beach pictures!
    That boat is just right! :)